My Story

First things first, right? Here’s my story:

I met my husband shortly after I turned 31. We knew right away that we were meant to be, and we got engaged four months later. I was 32 when we got married, and we started trying for a baby a few weeks after I turned 33.

We love ice cream

I knew there was a good chance I had endometriosis, but I was still optimistic. I read books on TTC, immediately started temping and using OPKs to make sure we were hitting the right times. After 11 months of no luck, I went to my OB and decided to do a laparoscopy to look for endo. She found mild endometriosis but also said it appeared my tubes were blocked; she tried to push blue dye and could not get any to spill.  I was devastated.

A month after my laparoscopy we had our first consult with the RE. We ran all the tests, and everything looked good (including my tubes – my HSG showed my tubes were open). It appeared the endo was the sole identifiable cause of my problems. The RE was still optimistic that I could get pregnant on my own, although we did add in some oral meds. Two rounds of Clomid, which drove me crazy, so I switched to Femara. I’ve done ten cycles with Femara at this point. During this entire time, I have yet to see what a positive pregnancy test looks like.

I’ve heard this is a thing

Now we’re 2.5 years into trying to get pregnant, I’m 35, and we’ve pretty much given up on my body cooperating. The plan is moving on to IVF in August. I’m excited, terrified, worried, and relieved, depending on the time of day. It feels good to be moving on to something more proactive, but it’s also so scary to take such a huge gamble on my body. I have no insurance coverage for infertility treatments, so we’re paying for this entirely out of pocket. I also hate needles, so I know that’s going to be difficult. But if I can get pregnant, it will all be worth it. Just trying to stay positive as we move into this next phase.

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Why I’m Starting This Blog

So I find myself two and a half years into trying to get pregnant and on the cusp of starting IVF, and it is TERRIFYING. And sad. And lonely. And exciting. So I decided to start a blog to help sort out my feelings while also sharing my experience. Infertility can feel so isolating, so maybe by talking about my story I can help someone else feel less alone on their journey.